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办公总部:动感曲线立面—— 汽车超人,杭州金固中心


由零壹城市建筑事务所为金固集团设计的“汽车超人”——金固中心现已正式落成。项目位于杭州银湖科技新城核心,总建筑面积 92,010.23 ㎡,包含总部,办公,商业,接待等功能。

"AutoFuturist Complex"—Jingu Center, designed by LYCS Architecture for Jingu Group, has officially been completed. Located in the heart of Hangzhou's Yinhu Sci-tech City, the project spans a total construction area of 92,010.23 square meters. It includes facilities for headquarters, office spaces, commercial areas, and reception services.



Jingu Group (002488) is a high-tech enterprise specializing in producing automobile wheels, focusing on the research, development, and manufacturing of lightweight wheels for many years. The company's products are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, and other countries and regions. It has been recognized by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers as the "Leading Enterprise in China's Auto Parts Wheel Industry."




The sleek lines of automobile waistlines inspired the design of the project's main building. The silver structure is boldly sliced with vibrant, dynamic red curves, adding a unique and striking color accent to the urban texture of Yinhu Sci-tech City.



Between the City and Nature



Yinhu Sci-tech City, Binjiang High-tech Zone, and Future Sci-tech City are hailed as Hangzhou's three major high-tech industry hubs. Situated in the core area of the Fuyang Economic and Technological Development Zone, it acts as the "golden backbone," leading Fuyang's integration into Hangzhou's metropolitan development. The picturesque Yinhu Park is located at the heart of the Science City, with Jingu Center prominently positioned on its southern side.



The Jingu Center comprises two main sections: the tower and the podium. The tower, designated for headquarters and office use, is strategically located on the southern side of the site, adjacent to China's Zhigu and a large urban TOD complex, currently under construction. This placement maximizes the building's visibility and prominence within the cityscape.



The podium, located on the north side of the tower, is available for external leasing. The building volume diminishes east to west, adopting a tiered layer reduction towards Yinhu Park. This design not only reduces the mass of the building but also offers expansive views, creating a visually open landscape. The flexible partitioning of the floor plan is particularly favorable for small and medium-sized enterprise clients, facilitating industrial clustering.



Curves Release Dynamic Energy


项目地块建筑限高 80 米,设计团队从汽车腰线获得灵感,对塔楼体量进行切削,八边形主楼显得挺拔有力,丰富的立面朝向呈现出多视点的自然山水。

The project site has a height limit of 80 meters, and the design team drew inspiration from car waistlines to sculpt the tower's volume. The octagonal main building stands tall and robust, with a richly faceted facade presenting a multi-perspective view of the natural landscape. 


主楼转角分裂成凹凸有致的层叠片状铝板, 以热烈的红、银上色,纵向的向量进一步强化了主楼挺拔的视觉形象,带来强烈的视觉冲击力。

The building's corners are split into contoured, layered aluminum panels painted in vibrant red and silver. These vertical vectors further enhance the tower's statuesque visual image, delivering a strong visual impact. 



Beyond their aesthetic contribution, the aluminum panels also serve a practical purpose as "Hidden Strength Faction." Ventilation ducts and equipment rooms are cleverly concealed within them, integrating functional utility with sculptural aesthetics.



The Tower and Building 1 along the road share a unified design language. Their tops and sides are outlined by red curves, creating a prominent main entrance for the park. This design forms a striking urban landscape that captures the attention of passersby along the main thoroughfare.



Layered Ecological Park



Beneath the tower, five podium buildings stretch out like fingers towards Yinhu Park, allowing the park's landscape to permeate deeply into the complex. This design transforms the area into an office park nestled in a scenic environment.



Upon entering the park, the silver sunshade aluminum panels create a lively atmosphere through varying angles. The podium buildings are connected by aerial corridors, forming courtyards of different shapes and sizes, enhancing the spatial experience.



The podium buildings are terraced towards Yinhu Park, with the planting landscapes creating relaxed and well-defined rest areas on the rooftop terraces. Continuous pathways transform these rooftops into an accessible and enjoyable aerial garden, offering playful and scenic experiences above the park.



The reception center on the site's northwest side draws attention with its distinctive avant-garde design. Smooth silver cladding is intersected by glass curtain walls, creating a series of overlapping, similar volumes that imbue the building with a fluid, dynamic beauty.






As you travel from Hangzhou's main urban area to Yinhu Sci-tech City and exit the Yunchuang Tunnel, a modern, vibrant, and avant-garde building stands prominently at the end of the road. With its light and pleasant demeanor, Jingu Center injects new energy and vitality into the city. It resembles a timeless sculpture and has become a classic symbol of the Jingu Group.